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Worktop Integrated with Wireless Charging Technology

Change the way you power-up your smart device with a state-of-the-art worktop, designed with dedicated charge point. Wharf Worktops, one of the UK's leading range of seamless solid surfaces has mastered a pioneering technique to seamlessly integrate wireless charging technology beneath the surface of its worktops. Simple and efficient, this modular-style system uses a SupaPowa® transmitter with Qi® technology, which allows electricity to pass between a transmitter and receiver coil that sit in close proximity.
Qi® technology is compatible with over 200 different models of smart device and the leading range of manufacturers that work with the Qi standard include Apple, Asus, HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, NuCurrent, Samsung, BlackBerry, Xiaomi and Sony. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Smart Cities Emerging Materials Markets 2021-2041.
Modern and stylish, the worktop lights up when your device is on-charge and for added convenience, Wharf Worktops can even inlay a contrasting disc of material within its range of Seamless Select® or Seamless Makeover® worktops, meaning the location of the charge point can be clearly visible to all users: day and night.
Rob Bullen, Managing Director, Wharf Worktops says, "With a growing reliance on digital communication and media technology in the home, we have noted that the modern kitchen now typically features a hero island unit, which is multi-purpose and designed for cooking, dining, socialising and home office work. This has led to power outlets being in high demand in the kitchen and by using portable technology, homeowners are inheriting unwanted charging cables that in turn, are spoiling their beautiful and clear kitchen work surfaces."
The company is proud to bring the very best technology to the UK kitchen, so that more of its customers can benefit from increased connectivity at a time when the 'smart home' and supporting technologies are now hitting the mainstream. Hygienic surfaces also play a huge role in the home right now, with highly efficient, multi-functional spaces that do not compromise on design or quality of materials becoming essential.
By harnessing the benefits of SupaPowa®, the latest homebuilding and renovation projects can benefit from a solid seamless worktop that is completely waterproof, easy to clean and able to facilitate a huge variety of tasks from food prep and dining, through to studying, home office work and now, charging a smart phone or tablet.
Source: Wharf Worktops
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