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Electronic Switching in the World of Test and Measurement

Omron Electronic Components continues its longstanding tradition of providing quality components solutions, such as relays, to the market. These electronic switches cover an unending list of applications, which contribute to the betterment of society in a variety of industries. One key focus industry includes test and measurement.
For automated testing equipment, such as semiconductor test, PXI/LXI systems, and multiplexers, Omron meets customer needs with its G3VM MOS FET solid-state relays and modules, and its G6K high frequency electromechanical signal relays.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • No Mechanical Armatures to Perform Physical Switching
Delivering much smaller packages and footprints than traditional electromechnical products and the life of a MOS FET can span a factor of two or more times than that of a traditional EM product.
  • Small Package Size
Providing high density board mounting.
  • LED Switching Operation
Allows for lower power consumption.
  • Switch Speed
Offering quicker time-on and time-off than mechanical types

G3VM MOS FET Solid-State Relays and Modules

With all of these features and benefits in mind, it is important to note that some trade-offs will occur when moving to a solid-state alternative. These relays will add some level of leakage current and off-state capacitance into the circuit. Omron designs MOS FET products with low values of these undesirable outputs. Developmental efforts have moved the leakage current of the newest G3VM series down into the pico-amperage levels. A modular MOS FET, the T Module, has also been introduced, which offers near negligible leakage currents at low fem to-amperage outputs. This is a great example of how Omron engineering teams continually pulse the market to see what improvements must be made to achieve the end result Omron's customers require.

G6K High Frequency Electromechanical Signal Relays

Another offering that Omron brings to the test & measurement industry is the high frequency electromechanical relay technology, such as the G6K-RF series. These small, low-signal, relays provide the ability to operate at frequencies the aforementioned MOS FETs cannot. Test designs that require 1 to 8Ghz performance can utilize the G6K-RF-S, -T, and -V series. Omron's -V series was specifically designed to support high-speed differential transmission signal switching. Strong performances in both isolation and insertion loss can be expected from these -RF series.

Omron's Complimentary Test and Measurement Webinar

Date: Friday, June 25, 2021
Time: 11am CT/12pm ET/9am PT
Discover how to incorporate the latest Omron innovations in test and measurement into your next project. Hear Zac Hendrix, Product Manager for Relays as he shares his technical knowledge and insights on:
  • Omron's G3VM MOS FET product lineup
  • The key internal componentry that contributes to Omron's high performance in applications, as well as key advantages that set them apart from existing switching options in the marketplace
  • Key terms that show the value and performance of G3VM relays with test data, preliminary technical specifications, and potential use cases
  • The relationships between datasheet ratings and outputs to fully realize what Omron MOS FETs can offer
  • Omron's RF signal relays, strong components for high frequency switching needs
Learn about Omron's full line-up of Relays, Switches, Connectors and Sensors at External Link

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Zac Hendrix - Product Manager for Relays, Omron Electronic Components

Zac Hendrix attended Northern Illinois University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, with emphasis in sustainable energy. He is currently the Relay Product Manager for Omron, serving as the America's technical contact for Omron's diverse relay product offerings. He has expertise with relay applications within the Automated Testing Equipment, Factory Automation, and Smart Home Building industries.

Authored By:

Product Manager for Relays, Omron Electronic Components, Omron

Posted on: June 9, 2021

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